Great Job, Folks!

We received a letter today from RAINN acknowledging our recent donation of $549.00. We had sent this off right after the conference with a note explaining how the Polytheist Leadership Conference held a silent auction to benefit RAINN. I think we all did some really good work there. Y’all should be proud. (In the photo below, I blacked out our address!).


Important Announcement

Hello everybody.

Since the Conference is likely to soon outgrow the Quality Inn we held it in the first year we’ve been in negotiations with a number of hotels in the area. Unfortunately June and July are wedding season here in the Hudson Valley, which means that even their discounted rates are an average of $40 to $70 a night higher than they are at other times of the year – which makes it prohibitively expensive for most members of our community. In fact we’ve been hearing from a lot of folks who are struggling financially but would like to attend – people who have important things to say and have made valuable contributions to their communities. We don’t want anyone to feel excluded, especially over something like money so we’re looking into several options.

1) We’re going to do some communal fundraising so that we can offer scholarships to help allay travel and lodging costs.

2) We’re going to offer a work-trade program at the Conference in place of the registration fee.

3) And we’re going to move the next Polytheist Leadership Conference back to Spring 2016.

We’re instituting this last step so that we can get a cheaper room rate from the hotel and so that people will have more time to save up for the Conference. We don’t have definite dates at this time since we’re still talking with a couple different hotels but at this point it looks like it’s probably going to be in March or April 2016.

We have another plan to help community members attend the Conference, but that probably won’t be rolled out until August.

So be sure to check back often – we’ll post dates and rates as soon as we have them. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to do things regionally, like the NY Regional Diviners’ conference. These things will make our community stronger and then when we do come together again in 2016, we will rock the world.

We Have Our Key-Note for 2015

I’m delighted to announce that Morpheus Ravenna will be our key-note speaker at the Polytheist Leadership Conference in 2015. We just confirmed with her last night.

An initiate of the AndersonFeri tradition, Morpheus is a Celtic polytheist, an artist, spiritual worker, and devotee of the Morrigan. She is the leader of the Coru Cathubodua, a priesthood dedicated to this mighty Goddess and was recently featured on the documentary “American Mystic.” For those who want to learn more, she blogs regularly here.

Thinking about Next Year

Well, folks,

The first annual Polytheist Leadership Conference 2014 has successfully concluded and all our presenters and I sincerely hope our attendees are home safe and sound. There are a number of wonderful recaps of the conference which I’ve collected and posted here. We’re already hard at work planning next year’s conference so stay tuned, folks. Once we’ve had a week to regroup, you’ll be seeing lots of updates here. In the meantime, check out our new, cool logo.